Pension FAQ  

Who will get the pension if there is no adult in pensioners?

 Answer. If there is no adult in pensioners, guardian will be appointed by the court.  

What documents are required if the date of birth is tampered in service record?

a. Matric certificate in case of literate person.
b. Medical fitness certificate issued by the civil surgeon in case of illiterate person.

How to transfer pension payment from Treasury to National Bank or from one branch of NBP to another branch?

 Answer. Pensioner will submit request to concerned Bank or treasury for transfer of pension payment.  

How to deposit pension contribution if posted in Autonomous body?

 Answer. If posted in Autonomous body the amount/contribution should be forwarded to DAO/AG Sindh through a challan of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) along with complete details.  

If the pension has not been drawn upto three years, what action will be required by the pensioner?

 Answer. Pensioner will submit request along with reasons to Treasury/Bank for revalidation.