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+ Payment of salaries and other claims to Provincial and District Governments
+ Maintenance of GPF accounts of Provincial and District Government employees
+ Payment of Pension
+ Authorization of payment through DAO/Treasury
+ Prepare Monthly Civil Accounts, Annual Finance and Appropriation Accounts of Provincial and District Governments
+ Provide accounting and financial expertise to Provincial Government


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+ Image/openness/quick approach through the newly launched web page and the use of E-Mail for the first time in AG Sindh.
+ 99 % of the DDOs of Sindh Province and 70 % of the staff of DAOs have been imparted training under PIFRA.
+ Disposal of 774 cases of GPF Final Payment and Transfer Balance since December 31, 2004, pending since long.
+ Computerization of GPF Index Registers is in process. So far 37,000 GPF Account Numbers have been entered into computer from old and torn out Index Registers.
+ Monitoring of Pension Payment System has been made effective by ensuring timely disposal of pension cases.
+ Data for Pensioners Directory has been compiled, and the Directory is in the process of printing.
+ Regular review meetings with officers and staff to develop interactive communication and subsequently improving the overall working of the office and liaison with the Government of Sindh and DAOs.
+ Holding Khuli Katchery (Open Forum) regularly to redress grievances of government servants. So far 513 cases have been entertained in the Khuli Katchery.
+ Installation of tracking Software for effective monitoring of 'Receipt' and 'Disposal' of DAK.
+ On-the-job, in-house training of officers and staff in HR and FI modules under SAP R/III.
+ Divisional Accounts Officers are now under the control/ monitoring of a Deputy Accountant General.

















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